Whiny C Programmers
I read several blogs that are written by "old school" programmers.  They have been bitching about programmers that didn't learn C (or become EEs ) first.  Now there has been a trend in that circle that is to bitch and moan about the terms "AJAX" and "Web 2.0"

Ever since I started programming, I have listened to these people whine about how I was never going to be a real programmer until I learned how to program in C.  Several told me that I needed to go back to school and become an electrical engineer.

Presently these same people can't stop bitching about the terms "Web 2.0" and "AJAX", and I'm sick of it.  The technology world changes and so does the terminology.   It doesn't matter how much you dislike it, "AJAX" has some valuable applications.  And just because the technology has been around for years doesn't mean that you were smart enough to come up with a practical use for it.

If you hate buzz words and new technologies that make development of useful applications easier so much, then maybe it's time you find a different profession.  Stop complaining about us programmers that are just trying to make a living and not get all hung up on the damn CS theory.

FireFox Dominates the Developers
I had to reset my web statistics today because my boss filled up the harddrive on my webserver.  He was backing up our production server onto our staging server (my lowly site only gets the staging server), so when I got into work this morning, I saw some error messages from backups that happend and didn't get through.  I went and checked the drive space on our sever and saw that it was down to just 11MB of freespace.  In a panic, I started to look around for places to free up memory.  The most obvious place was to delete the 50000 some odd site statistics from the database.

To make an already long story shorter, I reset my webstatisics.  My Dynamic AJAX is primarly visited by developers, so when I went to my web statics I was quite pleased to see that the browser statistics look like:
FireFox IE 5.x IE 6.0 IE 7.0 Opera Safari
Hits: 35 Hits: 1 Hits: 13 Hits: 0 Hits: 1 Hits: 0
Percent: 70.00% Percent: 2.00% Percent: 26.00% Percent: 0.00% Percent: 2.00% Percent: 0.00%

as you can see, FireFox dominates that number.  Now this is a fairly small sampling, but it seems that FireFox is picking up speed.  Microsoft really needs to get on the ball and release a new web browser or they will loose all their market share to Mozilla.

Good Ole ASP.NET
I'm excited.  I get to write a new enterprise site in ASP.NET which is the language that initially got me started programming.  Actually writing windows applications with VB.NET was my initial introduction to software development, but I quickly moved into the realm of the browser based applications.

I had forgotten how cool some of the features of ASP.NET were.  I'm a little nervous because I'm very rusty with .NET, but the language and Visual Studio ID are so productive that I think it will come together fine.

Writing a site in ASP.NET is going to require a completely different framework than the sites that I have been creating with PHP.  There are features in ASP.NET that aren't available to you in PHP that I feel I should take advantage of.  The one unfortunatly thing about ASP.NET is there aren't as many opensource applications out there written in it compared to PHP.  There are still a few that should provide me with some good ideas.

I'm mostly just happy that I don't have to write this application in JSP.  For some reason, I just can't accept JSP as a good web development language.  It may have something to do with the JSP sites that I work with that are just awful.  The code seems to run slow, and all of the errors get dumped to a log so debugging is a nightmare.