About DynamicAJAX
Hello and welcome to Dynamic AJAX.  My name is Ryan Smith, and I'm a programmer for 345 Technical (formally known as Nth Degree Creative Service).  This site is in no way affiliated or approved by Mark 345, it's just a test site for my personal use.  345 is primarly an advertising firm, however we also have an extreamly talented technical staff.  I have created this site to test out some of my web solutions, and also to provide you with some information on creating your own solutions.

345 is based out of the sunny city of Fort Collins, CO.  I though at one point that I wanted to leave Colorado, but now I think that there is probably no better place to live.  We have mountains, sunshine, and four mild seasons.  On top of that we live in a location where natural disasters don't occur.  We live too close to the mountains for tornados, but far enough that forest fires aren't a concern.  Way to far from the ocean for hurricanes or tidal waves, and no where near a fault line for earthquakes.

There are many ins and outs to creating a web site, web application, or software application.  If there is one thing that I have learned in this business, every person has different talents.  A good coder is never going to be a great graphic artist.  A great graphic artist isn't going to do very well when you present them with an IT challenge.

Have a look around, hopefully you find something useful.  I try to post code and solutions that I have run into in the past.  Maybe you can learn from my mistakes.