There are large debates between what makes a good website and what makes bad website.  But there is one universial truth, there is just no substitute for good content.  As we say around the office, and to all of our customers that we build sites for, "Content Is King!", and this couldn't be any truer.  The best sites out there are sites that have something to offer the users visiting the site.

Then there are all of the cosmetic aspects of a site.  You can certainly drop the ball when it comes to good web cosmetics.  There are many things to consider when creating content for the web, the biggest of which, "how will this look on my customers machine?"  Will they be using an ancient, decrepit Netscape Generation 4 browsers (let's hope not), or will they be recieving our content through a speech reader?  Developers tend to have fairly cutting edge technology (designers even better, what's up with that) and forget about all the users out there running their resolution at 640 x 480 on a monochrome monitor because they spent a fortune back in 1991 so they would never have to by a computer again.  There are more of these people out there than you would think, and they all have money that you want.