Just a disclaimer, I have an extreme repugnance of Java, so if your a Java programmer, don't get too offended by this section.

J2EE or Java 2 Enterprise Edition, is Sun Microsystem's applicaiton development framework.  Actually, it's less of a framework / technology and more of a specification.  This is a litte hard to get your mind wrapped around until you start using the technology. 

Personally I think that Sun didn't want to do all the work of creating a full fledged software development solutions so they decided to create a spec instead and focus their efforts on the fun and profitable stuff, but I digress.

Java has a large backing of developers, and anyone who dislikes Microsoft automatically loves Java.  Luckly for Sun, there are many people that dislike Microsoft. 

Sun could be facing a crisis right now, as there is a movement to make an open source version of Java.  Sun has decided to open source some of the Java code, but much of it they are keeping to themselves.  There is a large fear in the Java world that Java will split into two branches, which may very well happen if Sun can't commit to their open source initiative.  This would really but Sun out of the sofware development business, and push them back to where they are suppose to be which is a hardware company.

Not meaning to rant, but it seems that all of Sun's decisions are based on their strong hatred of Microsoft.  I have to say, that's no way to run a business.  Sorry to all you Java fans out there that will be sending me hate mail.