Web Technologies
It use to be with the web, the only technology you needed to know was HTML.  That soon turned into HTML CSS and JavaScript.  For a long time these were the technologies that you needed to know in order to create great websites.  Times have changed since then.  While you can still create a nice simple web site using only HTML, to create great websites you need to know a combination of modern technologies.

Certainly every web developer should have a very solid foundation in HTML CSS and JavaScript.  They should also have knowledge of the more modern technologies such as AJAX, CSS, Flash, XML/XSL, and content syndication feeds such as RSS and ATOM.

These are just front end technologies, and don't even come close to all the technologies necessary to create great websites.  Pretty much all good websites are dynamically driven, and this requires a server side web technology such as PHP, ASP, or JSP.  You also need to have somthing driving your data such as Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, or ORACLE.

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