Microsoft Indexing Server
The Microsoft Indexing Server is a tool that allows you to quickly search files on your computer.  You can use this ability to create a searchable catalog of files that can be viewed though a web page.  This coupled with a standard database search can provide a very robust web search tool.

The basics of the Indexing Server are pretty straight forward, but as you start with more advanced features, you can quickly become frustrated.  One of the biggest problems that I run into is getting the characterization data to show up.  Every time I think I have it completely figured out, I end up missing a step or running across something I didn't know about.  Then I have to search around for a while before I can get it working again.

Finding documentation on the Indexing Server can be a real challenge.  Especially if you just want some practical use scenarios.  When I was first learning about the Indexing Server I went to get a book about it, and the only one I could find that had anything at all about it was a 1500 page anchor about Windows Server 2003.

So hopefully you will find some of the answers your looking for here.  As I run across information about the Indexing Server and IXSSO queries I will add it to this section.